Overload NZ

It’s a great day for artists, writers, dancers, or anyone else who has a passion and a desire to live true to their creative hearts. Yet, money! that little thing, that often fetters us.

Yes, money is a little thing, when measured against the abstract concepts that can and often does paralyse our desires. Concepts like the fear of lost prestige, of the lack of material belongs to keep us up with the Jones’, and the fear of being shunned by wealthier friends. Or, worse still, experiencing marginalisation!

The fear of living ‘out in the cold’ can be a stronger shackle than the fear of perceived lack money.

There is an argument to be made, that 21st Century compulsory obligations must be met. Manufacturing know-how, now near non-existent, forcing us to buy clothes and food rather than make and grow… and have that all important holiday beacons us!

But, before you stop reading, overcome by depression and gloom, let me say, (to encourage you), you have one life! It is for you to live! We live in a world that offers so much freedom, yet we are more locked in and controlled than ever before.


We had two lovely couples over for dinner last Saturday. By the time we’d eaten and were sitting sipping our coffee, having chatted about babies to presidents, we started sharing our real passions and desires of our heart.

Who would have thought that my husband, and the two women in our party were keen artists?

One of our friends, teaches at a primary school, yet her heart and passion was to be a full-time artist. Her day will come. I realise timing and seasons in our life’s need to be considered, but on see some photos of her work I couldn’t help urging her to take the plunge.

Two of our girls have been involved in Overload for the past three years. Overload NZ Comic and Manga convention is a community focused annual event where local comic and manga artists exhibit and sell their work. Over 200 artists from all over New Zealand including our daughters were there.

Our youngest son, a fan of Dr Who, bought a print of the Tardis with wings and the quote ‘The Angels Have the Phone Box’ printed along the base, from Overload in 2014. Our eldest son was then charged with the task of taking it rolled in a cylinder to Armageddon (An enormous annual meet of all things weird and wacky and where people dress up and go as Manga characters –

Here is Haddie when she went six years ago, dressed as Nia Teppelin from the Anime Gurren Lagann.


2014 Sarah Madison, who acts for the weeping angels on Dr Who, was at Armageddon. After an hour in line, the Dr Who print was signed by her. Then one week and $140 later the print was in a frame and on our youngest son’s loft bedroom in the converted Packhouse in the Waikato, NZ.


My point?…there is a whole other arty world out there that is thriving and ready for new players who dare!

Last year, here in the UK two of our daughters got on the train and headed for Hifest (Hastings Illustration Festival) as visitors, held in Hastings East Sussex. There, our youngest daughter, Eden was able to connect with a couple of artist she follows on line. Among them, Fannerd photographed here with her.


Eden attended a couple of workshops. The day confirming her direction, calling her forward and acting like a pair of pliers cutting through the shackles of conformity to an ill fitting mainstream life.

Yes, both our arty daughters still have day jobs, but both are accepting commissions from canvases, book illustration, album covers to dare I say it tattoo design.

Yes, not quite there, but well on the way.

I am a proud mum of all my children, as they paint, drawer and write their way through their young adulthood following their passions.

You can connect with Haddie’s art on the Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BearableNZ/

Browse her art works for sale at her etsy store!

Or watch her live on youtube


And connect with Eden


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