The Trail They Blaze

That does it! I am hopping mad! I looked at the skies here in Southampton this morning, and I knew we had been chemtrailed.

The morning blue just wasn’t there; instead some sort of non-descript grey light with no depth of sky above. The other tell-tale sign – the extra, ultra-metallic blinding fuzz, defusing the sun’s usual tone.

OK, I thought, this may clear as the morning progresses. And yes it did. Cool, I was able to hang out the washing without fear of aluminium nano-particles embedding into the sheets and clothes my lovely boys would have to sleep in and wear.

As I went to hang out a second basket of washed clothes, to my horror I saw long criss-cross clouds fanning out across the sky and two planes crossing over adding new trails.

Before you bash me – con-trails evaporate quickly leaving only a few metres of condensation behind the plane. What I was witnessing, was mile long trails feathering out sideways.

Before long the whole sky lost its blue becoming a haze once again.

Southampton has been bombarded since October 2017. Before that, I really saw nothing. This colonial loves the British sky. I often have morning tea outside, watching the contrails way way up high, taking people adventuring across the blue. The British sky is world famous.

What really hacks me off is the denial of the residents here. Last week after a particularly crazed exhibition by those who see fit to do this across NATO countries, I posted this on our neighbourhood network


No one joined me in this outrage, although I did get one like and one post that I think agreed that it was chemtrails rather than contrails. This post from Warwick…


And Simon…


And Fiona…


OK, OK, so it would seem I am the only one who feels the need to wear at tinfoil hat; I get it. tinfoil hat

My husband advised me to call it geo-engineering, or cloud seeding. Hmmm, sounds too sanitised to me.

You can tell I’m hopping mad, can’t you!? Well, I am! I have children and I want them to have a long and prosperous life. You beat ya, I’m hopping mad!

As for my neighbours…

Owning the weatherHave they got an answer for this document, have they read it?


Have they listened to David Keith one of the fathers of this crime? He has publicly admitted millions will die – collateral damage!







Or Al Gore, who has become extremely rich creating the new “enemy” – global warming. the mouth piece for the globalists as they put into practice proposals from the Iron Mountain Report.

What do they think about Prince’s statement and his subsequent suspicious death?

Chemtrail Prince

Do they really think the twelve new clouds that have been named, just hadn’t been discovered before now? NASA call them Jet Cirrus – that means man made clouds.

I guess they are just happy to have aluminium, barium, strontium and dried blood cells rain down on them (All verified and documented)!

Thankfully we have the likes of Roger Turner (1956-),

Roger Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner (1700- 1800)

Joseph Mallord Turner

and John Constable (1800 1800)


to remind us what natural clouds and sky-scapes look like.

Let me end all this woe, with a wow from these artists…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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