Took the Red Pill!

If I were not writing my Art Blog, I would most certainly be writing a Book Blog.

My father once asked me if there was anything in his possession, I would like on his promotion to the heavenlies. I answered, ‘I’ll take all your books.’

I possess my father’s childhood AA Milne hard cover books of poems and stories of Pooh.

My dad is ninety-three. The books were given to me when I was six. I memorised my favourite poems and adored the illustrations (that Disney consequently dumbed-down – grrr!!).

I remember when I was eight, having read and owned the complete hard cover series of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five (Which regretfully, I no longer have). I remember excitedly embarking on a copy-cat series of my own. I did not get past the first chapter of the first book; but I do remember how it went and who the characters were. My character of course mirrored my heroine, George (short for Georgina).


Years went by, decades! In fact, I had just delivered my fifth baby; my first boy after four girls (and yes, I have my very own Georgina in there) and I decided to write a book. A book on home educating. It got published and did very well. It was a massive task, even after the manuscript was in the publisher’s hands. However, the book launch, radio and newspaper interviews were all a lot of fun. But I do remember saying never again!

Sixteen years later, babies all but grown-up and my sixth child, a boy, now sixteen, my seventh book, WE ARE REVOLTING, has been published and is being released on AMAZON this Friday 11th January 2019!!!front cover

It is a must read. It is for those who are starting to “wake-up”, get “Red Pilled”. It is history that has been hidden from us, it is the “underbelly of the beast”. It reveals “those behind the curtain”; it is the “inconvenient truth”, but truth everyone needs to survive this century’s tyranny. It is not time sensitive – it is a road map for many years to come. The content is an easy read, to make a broad understanding possible. I implore every household to get a copy.

There, passion released, I can calm down now, and be true to this Art blog –

While the content of the book reveals not so delightful artwork of the elites and their culture, the cover, I think is delightful.

I designed it and my talented friend Ester Bunaé, interrupted her other art commissions to fit WE ARE REVOLTING in…and I love the energy it exudes.

we are revolting cover draft one web pdf blog

Ester said she will do the cover for my next title, so watch this space!

In the meantime, get informed, get the big picture and see the world through a true and honest lens.

WE ARE REVOLTING could save your life and the life of you children, and your children’s children; it’s that serious.

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