WHO coup: an art form

In the same decade Horton was “documented” saving the Who in Whoville, the United Nations WHO (World Health Organisation) was created, so they tell us, save the people of the earth from disease. However, the two WHOs took completely different paths. Horton hears the whoHeroic Horton (right) triumphantly achieved his goals, while The United Nations corrupt WHO went on to destroy the health of the earth’s people, in a covert attempt to rule by Marxist UN centralization.

Shamefully, yet typically, when talking about the Elite run UN, corruption is just around world-health-organization-misconduct-180the bend. The Director of WHO  is the corrupt Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, (photographed left with Freemasonry signalling). He is responsible for people displacement, land theft and death of his own citizens while health  and then Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, all in the name of terrorism. Tedros was an active member of the Tigrey People’s Liberation Front, a communist revolutionary party that still today is registered as a terrorist group.

downloadTedros 1

So, how did Tedros go from Terrorist to the Director of WHO? Easy! Bill Gates (painting by Samuel Majcen) with the bill-gates-portrait-samuel-majcensame philosophic worldview nominated him to facilitate very dodgey business under the guise of humanitarian WHO work (Bill Gates was all over Epstein like a venereal disease, while lying to the world – Quote “ I did not have any business relationship or friendship with him.”). The Gates name is synonymous with corruption, toxic vaccines and depopulation.

It is therefore of no surprise that Gates gained a suspiciously timed  patent for the Coronavirus (as if he had it before the outbreak!), and is formulating a vaccine (that no doubt WHO will make mandatory for all people in the world).  Full of nanotech perhaps, in time to have every man, woman and child electronically identified as part of the United Nations ID2030 agenda and 24/7 surveillance.

Corona-viral outbreak is unfolding scene by scene in careful sequence. If it were to be a stage performance, the credits would list the usual suspects – Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Tedros Adhanom,  Deborah Berx, Bono, and Pope Francis; for those names are all over the Coronavirus smacking of another elitist False Flag to herd the earth’s population into obedience to the UN eugenics via governments.

A false flag, like the Corona Virus is always pitted with red flags. Red flags are “co-incidences” that suggest certain elites in power knew it was to happen in advance. Most people are too busy with life to put the red-flag dots together to notice a sequence of events that smacks of design, choreographing and centrally controlled operation.

Top seven Red Flags :-

  • The Chinese Virus was released in Wuhan at a large social gathering in November 2019, leading up to the Chinese New Year, when there is a lot of internal movement in the country!
  • The outbreak was initially hushed by Chinese officials and whistle-blower doctor permanently silenced by death!
  • A novel was written several years before called Eyes of Darkness, about a deadly virus released from a laboratory in Wuhan!eyes of darkness
  • Net flicks of which Michelle and Barack Obama became producers of, released a series called Pandemic due for release in 2020, before the Wuhan Corona Virus was released!
  • The usual suspects are always circling! The globalist elites have been on an all-out campaign to have the populous uprising of the people quelled. First Brexit, then with the Trump presidency, followed by the French Yellow Vests, causing a domino effect throughout Europe.
  • Hollywood and sports stars are tools used by the elite to contain thought and distract the truth with a “show”. Many celebrities are shutting down shows and many are announcing they have the virus to whip the public into a frenzy!
  • A giveaway red-flag to support the notion this Corona virus was deliberately released is typically immediately before a False-flag event (Wuhan release of the virus) an elite personality observed in some type of signal. Two examples in recent history are while Notre Dame burnt Michelle Obama was on the boat cruise on the Seine; The silver necklace she wore said “BURNING”. John Podesta visited NZ a few days before the Christchurch NZ Mosque shooting talking about terrorism.

Melinda and Bill Gates were the elite presence before the virus release – in October 2019 they gathered representatives from United Nations Foundation, World Economic Forum, John Hopkins Centre for Health and Security, NBC and CDC to a meeting called EVENT 201, to nut out global financial, trade and communications initiatives needed to control the world through a pandemic; handing out coronavirus soft toys to the delegates. Strategies were formulated on how the elites could gain and hold onto control, bringing “Order out of Chaos”. Those brainstorming at EVENT 201, known as “useful idiots”, of course were not in on the secret. With the brainstorming correlated, the very next month, November 2019, the virus was released.

EVENT 201 meetings were table-top exercises of carefully chosen, philosophically aligned “experts”. No discussion was conducted on how to contain the virus, how to manage the sick, how to calm the public. Nothing about minimising suffering. EVENT 201 was all about how the elites could control financial outcomes, control public thought and in Fabian stealth, creep the elite run UN a little closer to a centralised worldwide governance, bypassing democracies.

Here are sample quotes from the “useful idiots’” at the tabletop exercises –

Immunization procedures to make big pharma even more rich while further ruining the patient’s  immune systems as part of the depopulation agenda.“…I think it is important to think about what atypical players in the Private sector (large companies that can trick, herd the population and that are not seen to have an interest, just used as a front so the public do not see the scam) can we bring to bear in this; so bringing multi-national pharmaceutical companies to talk about why… their products are safe could be seen (by We The People) as not credible…”

There are always the gas-lighting techniques – “…It is not just about handing people a piece of knowledge, it’s also about how we (the elites and their useful idiots) incentivise them (control the People choices) to manage (usually by peer pressure, NLP and PC dictates) their behaviour (trained to behave as the elite want us to behave) eg “social distancing” “Don’t kill your grandparents” rhetoric etc.

Ideas were brainstormed as to how the elite and their change agents can sneakily undermine democracies and sovereignty so the UN global One World Governance can take better effect – “It is important that the UN (dictatorship) and WHO (the fraudulent corrupt World Health Organisation who want 95% of the world’s population culled) remain very clear, but when they challenge (bully)  governments (namely the conservative nationalist governments who will not conform to the UN Marxism) directly they often get into this issue (to the elites a major problem) of sovereignty and so I think it’s really important not to have that as the only response. I think it is very critical to think about “soft-power” influence which is other influencers  who co-opt (threaten) the head of State or power constituencies within those countries…or specific business leaders where you can soften perhaps a very hard line (conservative) government through more stealth entry points rather than trying to punish them through the international health regulations.”

Below are some of the strategies voiced by the useful idiots to control the narrative and crush freedoms. Each strategy is playing out in real time; control at the top control in the middle and control at the bottom, an Hegelian tactic by the elites put into practice with all the proficiency of their ancient counterparts, the Venetian nobles spy network at Delphi – today it is called WHO. The elites play games, taking no ownership for themselves. To the elite WHO means who? Us? No never!

…Oligarchy skilfully use the Hegelian dialectic to “play” the public. A dialectic that masks the top-down-power-play, fooling the people into thinking changes are from the ground up, organic. It is known as a dichotomy of thought; a method of argument for resolving disagreements. All deliberately used by globalists and Marxists to shift the popular narrative closer to their end goal – expanded government. All choreographed with such precision that the public do not see it coming, nor see it going; just that government took the pain of it away (poverty, war, inequality etc).front cover

The dialectic works by bearing pressure from above and below simultaneously. It could be a national threat, eg terrorism on home soil; often a false flag but does its work. It could be an international threat – a foreign invader; often also a false flag as the Russians rigging an election. Either way, the outcome is always that the public give up more privacy and freedom, in effect giving government permission to control the population…” Antoinette James, ‘We Are Revolting’ 2019, Page 34

As in previous conversations where we talked about centralization around management of information or public health needs. There needs to be a centralised response around the communication approach that then is cascaded (only the “right” information handed down) to informed advocates represented in the NGO communities, the medical professionals etc. Centralized international bases. Because I think there needs to be a central repository of data, facts and key messages.”

Controlling people travel “…Now, we all know politicians will be influenced by the general view of the community, but WE can use that in a positive way.”

“…Speak to them (middle management) very clearly in the context of a daily briefing…from WHO being the focal point.”

“Even to limit or stop social media would create a huge damage. We should work together with them; we should try to avoid this misinformation (any doctor or scientific information that does not fit the elites desired outcomes will be taken down from social media).”

“One of the things we want to do is work with telecommunication companies to actually make sure everybody has access to the kind of communication (so false propaganda can continue) that we (elite chose to give true or fabricated) are interested in providing because that is going to be critical (to keep the elite narrative watertight from the truth).”

Sometimes the health care workers, they know something but if they are not well trained they might give the wrong information, but also they might see something and say, Oh, I don’t know…that will hurt (if the truth gets out it will destroy the planned narrative, so health workers will be threatened with job loss if they speak out; they will need to be gagged).”

I think a complimentary (to all the other manipulation of information) tactic too, is to tap faith-based organisations and civil society and other institutions to recruit them also to basically almost at a grassroot level (but not, just as long as the public think it is grass root) continue to basically have the integrity (ownership of information they choose to hand to the public whether it is true or not).”

“The social media platforms, there’s an opportunity to understand who it is that’s susceptible (independent thinkers who need to be targeted and re-educated) in what form to misinformation (alternative news exposing the truth).


Flood strategy” “Flood Zone” is mentioned many times during EVENT 201. This means the elite will have all media report continuously from different angles news true and made up about the pandemic. They plan to have no other news but the pandemic flooding the marketplace relentlessly.

This, they know will overwhelm and therefore paralyse thought and critique, channeling a person into complete obedience. Flooding the public with nonstop misinformation and disinformation also causes confusion therefore herding thought to “authorized” mainstream of government announcements. The result is loss of freedoms, cowered population moving in a hive-mind conformity. If an individual steps out from the echo chamber narrative, they will be one way or another, crushed. China, North Korea and the Vietnamese even NAZI Germany flooded the enemy where possible with their narrative to shatter resolve and birth fear, forcing them to “turn” to the authorities NOW.

OsirisWHO should surely win an OSCAR (modeled on the Egyptian Osiris) for such a well-choreographed piece of performing art. A dazzling display straight from the Jesuit Drama handbook of the 16th – 18th Centuries, before they were expelled for tyranny.

It is the United Nations belief that the ancient mystery religion worship of Osiris is correct and will become the One World Religion once it becomes the One World Government. The UN have made it clear that it sits on the Theosophical writings (Lucifer is Osiris) of Alice Bailey and her Lucis Trust does all the UN publications (was called Lucifer Trust but it was too revealing). UNESCO writings are overtly Sun worship, which is Osiris worship.


This Coronavirus may roll out like a drama, exciting the young, giving them a global crisis for their time. However, it is not a time to romanticise, it is time for war against the enemy – the elite run United Nations. It is time to stay well and dethrone them.



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