I Wonder? Woman!

YanA Wellington-based artist, Yan Heere, gained three thousand ‘likes’ on social media in April 2020, for an image she posted – a cartoon fan art meets Marxist style illustration of the New Zealand Socialist-globalist Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.Capture

The fame of this art was launched to new heights by the propaganda brainwashing machine, the elite owned mainstream media; hijacking, not the art, but the likes on the hope that those who can be swayed will be. Promoting the suggestion that the likes were in support of the PM, rather than the artist and her work.

The media used Yan’s work as a timely promotion stunt to boost Jacinda Ardern’s illegal yet mandatory Draconian lockdown of the nation; a “cure” to a man augmented virus.

Jacinda 1

Trump and FauciThe same virus that American Dr Anthony Fauci announced in 2017 – Trump would have a surprise outbreak. And Fauci should know; he funded the research into the virus in China to the tune of millions of US dollars.

Heere’s Marxist propaganda style illustration shows Ardern as a superhero wearing a Korowai cape-cloak, effectively dumbing-down its traditional prestige. ‘“Korowai are a very special form of cloak,” explains Vini Olsen-Reeder, a lecturer in Maori studies at Victoria University. “There are lots of different kinds of cloaks, but the korowai is the one with the highest prestige.”… Traditionally, it would be awarded only to people from the upper echelons of Maori society or given as a gift to people from outside the community if they were thought to be of equally high standing.’ Andreas Illmer BBC News 2018

Can a pretender to the throne have any vestige of prestige? ‘Having won a surprise victory last year, Ms Ardern is the world’s youngest female prime minister.’ Andreas Illmer BBC News 2018

After Ardern’s surprise win, an Australian Newspaper led with the headline “Coup”. The people of New Zealand may never find out the particulars, the bribes, extortion, or whatever happened behind closed doors, but one thing is for sure, something very odd happened that election.

Korowai‘”The fact that she is pregnant adds to the importance of the korowai as it now serves like a kind of protection for both mother and child”, Ms Campbell says.’ Andreas Illmer BBC News 2018

Is it an insult to the cloak that Heere’s Wonder Woman signed into law the murder of European, Pacifica and Maori unborn babies up to birth? All while the nation was put under house arrest. Ardern (left) seen here wearing a dress the same colour as Liberty, from the  French Revolution painting Liberty with gross socialist and Luciferan meaning. We Are Revolting, Antoinette James 2019 AMAZON pages 404-407 for explanation.front cover

Ardern, a daughter of the Niue High Commissioner (one does not get positions like that without being selected by the elite), was financially helped by a Freemasonry scholarship and assisted into her current position by a New Zealand old school tie network aka NZ political swamp. Ardern has publicly said she has come out of the Church of the Latter-Day-Saints, aka Mormons. But since the church is a carbon copy of Freemasonry and the leeway to lie takes lower precedence than oaths to both organisations, it brings more oddities into play. She was mentored by the globalist Phil Goff, globalist Helen Clark and by Fabian globalist warmonger, UK Prime minister Tony Blair.

Under Blair, Ardern participated in the white washing of freemasonry police pedophilia activities in the UK.im 36 freemason paedophile

She does her United Nations masters bidding, to the point that if they say black is white, to her it will be white. She has filled her NZ cabinet with globalists. She is a wonder but no Wonder Woman.


bloomfieldAs part of this elitevirus/Coronavirus/Wuhanvirus/Chinese Communist party virus illustrations, Yan Heere drew the Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield wearing a crown coining Ann Coulter’s book title, In Trump We Trust – changing it to ‘In Bloomfield we Trust’.In Trump we trust

Corona means crown taken from Greek mythology. The elite are Luciferan by religion and mythology is very important to them. Atheism is for the common people; they have a desperate need to eradicate Christianity. The Protestant King James Version clearly lays out our inalienable rights under God.

download (13)

The elite want those rights swapped for State given privileges only. I doubt that Yan has any insight into the Luciferan symbolism she has liberally used in this illustration. Her naive trust in an “expert” in this new UN choreographed Scientific Technocratic Dictatorship Age we are being pushed toward, is testimony to her lack of education and non-Christian upbringing.

Dr Bloomfield’s area of professional competence is non-communicable disease prevention and control. COVID-19 is a communicable disease. So why has he been the NZ globalist government’s public face health expert during the country’s COVID-19 scamdemic, since January 2020?India

Bloomfield is also a convenient United Nations puppet. He spent 2011 with the UN, at the World Health Organization in Geneva working on non-communicable diseases at a global level. Since the biggest funder of the WHO is the evil Bill Gates (second to the US until they withdrew funding in 2020 when the WHO was caught in multiply lies and pandering to the Chinese Communist Party). Bill Gates put Tedros in as the Director of WHO. He has no medical background, is a former terrorist and murderer of millions of his own Ethiopian people while Health minister there.      This man in whom Yan trusts is a ‘useful idiot’, as the elites say.

Bill and Tedros

To be fair to Yan, she has nailed it with the militant tone of her Ardern fiction. We are in a war. Sometimes it is a cold war, sometimes hot, however it is relentless all the time. The enemy is We the People. The Axis of Evil is the Elites, and their footmen on the ground the useful idiots, corrupt governments all connected to head office, the United Nations with their slogan Think Globally, Act Locally.

download (14)Here we are in 2020 as the elite roll out – quote, ‘The Final Solution’ as Bill Gates recently announced. Now where have we heard that before? Adolf Hitler’s Adolf Eichmann!

Gates’ father was a founder of the abortion clinics called Planned Parenthood in the U.S.A. and he like his father wants to depopulate the earth. Hitler put live bodies into toxic substance filled chambers, Gates puts syringe filled toxic substances in to live bodies. Same extermination outcomes, just under the Politically Correct code word vaccines.

Vaccines are full of mercury, aluminium and aborted baby parts. No one can take the vaccine industry to court for injury of death, as by law they cannot be held responsible for the millions of brain-injured and dead children worldwide. The United Nations stands behind Gates work. Puppet Ardern stole $160 million of the NZ taxpayer’s money in May 2020 to help fund the final solution.

Yan’s treatment of, I Wonder? Woman is Socialist Realism. Wikipedia tells us that Socialist Realism is a style of idealized realistic art developed in the Soviet Union. It is the Soviet Union and other Socialist countries official style. Its aim is to glorified communist values. At the S.U. Congress of 1934, it was determined that socialist realism in art must have -Proletarian: art relevant to the workers and understandable to them (super hero will work!)- Typical: scenes of everyday life of the people (cutie kiwi and flag will do the trick!) – Realistic: in the representational sense (viva la feminism!)  – Partisan: supportive of the aims of the State and the Party (Only government can save). Yan’s work gets ticks in all the boxes.

‘The purpose of socialist realism was to limit popular culture to a specific, highly regulated faction of emotional expression that promoted Soviet ideals. The party was of the utmost importance and was always to be favorably featured. The key concepts that developed assured loyalty to the party.’ Wikipedia

Only in free societies and ideologies does one find diversity (for good and bad). A thinking mind, creativity and individualism is banished in Socialist regimes. Mao said a thinking person was more dangerous than a gun toting person as s/he is unpredictable and cannot submit to the State.

Yan 2Can I blame Yan Heere for her lack of understanding? Yes, I can – she freely presents her physical self stereo-typically as a third wave feminist living a fiction with what looks like naive ignorance unmovable within left thinking ideology.

It is reported that Ms Heere said, while lockdowndrawing Ardern, she saw her as “protecting those who can’t protect themselves and being the voice for all of us during these times.” An observation based on what?

The question is, who in New Zealand cannot protect themselves? (Except the elderly and unborn child that Ardern by law now legally murders). Is Yan suggesting protection from a bad flu virus?

protectYan, adding to Ardern’s murder of babies (abortion) and elderly (euthanasia), she has not protected thousands of New Zealanders who are going bankrupt due to the shutdown of the economy. She has not protected families from poverty, mortgage sales, unemployment, marriage strains and lost dreams. She has not protected the MANY who have committed suicide due to isolation, nor the many from substance abuse addiction and increased alcoholism. She has not protected the increased numbers of children from sexual abuse, or the millions of children in third world countries who will die from starvation before the end of 2020, due to the collapsing of the West’s economy under lockdown.

PercentageI go further, fear is a big reducer of an individual’s immunity. Ardern, backed by the media, mandated by EVENT 201, has created and fueled fear in the New Zealand people. She has not revealed that this virus is now recognized as no worse than a bad flu season. She has protected no one!

What we are witnessing here is the usual Marxist Hegelian Dialectic used like a magic wand, not by a Wonder Woman, but a Wicked Witch of the West.

Ardern does not and has never spoken for the majority of the country, as We the People did not vote her in; a coup placed her in power.

im 41 indoctrinatedAnd No, I cannot blame Yan, as she is a victim of a dumped down United Nations Globalist Socialist Common Core Curriculum that has been rolled out in all schools around the West (introduced to NZ by Labour leader Helen Clark). Twenty plus years of emphasis on being a good, compliant left-leaning global citizen. The UN aims are hidden in plain sight; they are all written for those to who want to read them. They have been signed by your Socialist Globalist government, part of the cabal to take We the People down.

Yan Heere stated, “I’d like people to feel inspired, creatively or otherwise, by my work.”

For me? I’ll take the ‘otherwise’ – It is a very scary ideology that thinks this type of Marxist propaganda promoting a globalist shill could inspire any critical thinking literate art or political critic today.

A final thought… Yan – As long as The U.S. constitution holds, we all will hold. Thankfully The founding fathers, who knew the socialist tyranny of Europe and the Middle East deciding on a Republic form of government. They wrote the 1st and 2nd amendment to the U.S. constitution for the protection of We the people; specifically to protect against tyrannical governments.

NZ leglisationSo, Yan, with respect, I grab the slogan back and put it where is belongs, In Trump We Trust, because it is in God we Trust and it is God who placed this man, for all his frailty, in office for such a time as this.

You have indeed painted a Wonder Tyrant with all the aggression and militancy the Left love. As New Zealand moves into Level 2, the government is making legislation to gag the people’s voice permanently. Ardern has already gagged her minsters and has given the police the powers to take dissenters off the street without any reason.

Know this, this is not the end of the end, of Wonder Tyrant and the elite’s takeover; it is  time to wake up, for this is only the end of the beginning. SOS


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