The Art of Propaganda

Predictive programming or just a bizarre coincidence? Asks Steve Watson writing for SUMMIT NEWS in his article Bizarre EU Funded Comic Book Predicted Pandemic, With Globalists As Saviours. Eerie 2012 document painted eurocrats as saving the planet from a killer virus and draconian lockdowns. Published 15 May, 2020.

Art historically has always been a controlled discipline. Controlled by political ruling powers of the day deeming what was acceptable. The Papacy had the most influence throughout history, teaching false Christian doctrine through paintings to a population kept illiterate.

image 0fThe people were in effect, gagged by the Vatican “elite”, making them academically impotent through misinformation and disinformation. The common people during the 12th to 18th Centuries, were kept as serfs who needed brighter minds to teach them and keep them from rising to form a middle-class community of thinkers.

image 0eSpiritual control was paramount, as religion dictates values and morality. So, to control the social narrative, the Bible during those centuries was written in Latin, perchance a serf had intellect enough to demand autonomy. Those who tried to translate the Bible to a common language were burnt at the stake.

The Pope who decreed by Papal Bull that he owned the world and all the souls in it, as they still do today, claimed it heresy to print or speak the Holy Scriptures in the common language, being an individual’s native tongue. Latin and Latin alone was used; an elitist language not taught to the common folk.

The Papacy imparted restricted knowledge, Fake News, by way of frescoes and oil painting in Cathedrals.

When Martin Luther’s Reformation opened knowledge, allowing access to written Bible image 0btexts in the common language, a middle class developed taking initiative in art, developing the Reformation School of Art. The Papacy fought back with fierce a Counter-Reformation art retort in hope to instill fear upon the people, attempting to herd them back to the Papal echo chamber. Thankfully, the thirst for the truth was stronger, and front coverPapal Rome was pushed back ending the Dark-Ages. A fuller account with dates and names is printed in We Are Revolting: An inconvenient Truth 2019,  AMAZON

Today the control and use of art is much the same. Several generations of students have spent ten plus years in Prussian style classroom education being taught Rockefeller whitewashed history in all Western countries.

It is the same Rockefeller’s who bought and donated the land in New image 0York to the United Nation, where their building stands today. They personally funded the UN into existence while Stalin tweaked the communist manifesto that became the UN Charter. The 21st Century sees Bill Gates as a major funder, investing Billions into the Universal dumbed down United Nations Common Core Curriculum now taught in every school in the world. From school, students then go on to tertiary education to be taught by left wing professors in the Arts and Humanities, in effect, a Marxist finishing school of globalist socialist think.

Since 2016 We the People around the world have grown sick and tired of being treated as ignorant masses to be controlled by a false narrative, so pushed back against the establishment. Culture, traditional values, and religion started to burgeon once more, ending what could be termed as a new Mini Dark-Age. A retaliation was then launched. The Vatican led United Nations and the elite who pull the strings through UN Treaties and Conventions, who partner with corrupt and bought governments through NGOs, mounted a counterattack with the 2020 Coronavirus scamdemic. Yes, a virulent flu, but no worse than years gone by. Using the virus as the vehicle, the globalists have created fear, cowering the majority of people, beating them into submission.  Through mainstream media scripted by highly paid skilful psychologists within the Central Intelligence Agency, people of the earth have been played.

It is important to realize that art still plays an significant part in controlling a narrative; today the style of art mainly used is dumbed down cartoons, presented to adults as illiterate serfs of centuries past; treating We the People as if we were children. The concerning part of this is, most people accept that label. They are so dumbed down, that is to say, deliberately given false information that even if they wanted to, they can no longer read classical art. Preschool sketches are enough to make them feel informed. Or…


Or both!!!

See Hidden in plain sight 4 Podcast series: A Who Coup to Manipulate 

The list of “coincidences” are growing. Decide for yourself, whether the powers over the people knew well in advance of this “accidental release” of the virus was imminent. Then ask, how could all the governments at the same time go into lockdown and legislate tyrannical oppression if they were not given a “how to hand-book” by their masters.

Why has it had a continue name change? First Wuhan Virus, the Coronavirus among others; and now COVID-19?

COVID stands for Certificate of Vaccine ID; 1-the first letter of the alphabet A, 9-I = AI

Here is Steve Watson’s article:-

1st image


‘A strange comic book that was commissioned for publication by the European Union in 2012 eerily predicted almost exactly what has unfolded with the Covid-19 global pandemic. However, in this propaganda laced presentation of the outbreak, unelected globalist bureaucrats save the planet.

The comic book, titled ‘Infected’, was a production of the European Commission’s international cooperation and development arm. It was not intended for widespread public consumption, but instead to be distributed inside EU institutions. Only a few hundred of the comic books were made.

The EU’s description of the strange publication states that “While the story may be fictional, it is nevertheless intertwined with some factual information.”

The graphic novel depicts scientists inside a lab in China experimenting with deadly pathogens:

Cartoon 1

A wannabe hero time travels from the future, alerting authorities to the coming pandemic, and presents an antidote, before quickly becoming the target of opportunists who want to steal the cure and sell it to drug companies:

Cartoon 2

The story features the transmission of a novel virus from animals to humans in a crowded wet market:

cartoon 3

“Indeed, imagine if you were infected in this market by a new contagious agent.” says the UN’s chief advisor on contagious diseases, adding “You probably wouldn’t even realise it until the end of the incubation period.”

The publication suggests that air travel would exacerbate the spread of the disease, with the character adding that “You’d have headed back to Europe, the US, Latin America, or Australia as planned via an international airport.”

The cartoon depicts the failure of a global health organisation to act quickly enough to stop a pandemic:

cartoon 4

It also predicts draconian safety measures, including social distancing, which make everyday life “totally unbearable”:

cartoon 5


The piece concludes with an EU Parliament hearing, in which Brussels pushes for more integrated European cooperation on global health matters, mirroring a real life initiative known as ‘One health’.

cartoon 6

The globalists are lauded for helping develop and distribute a vaccine to the world:

cartoon 7

cartoon 8

Was this predictive programming or just a bizarre coincidence?

In 2020, in reality, the EU has pandered to China, and bowed to censorship regarding the virus outbreak.

The EU has also been heavily criticised by member states and insiders for monumental failings owing to internal bureaucracy. The EU’s science chief even resigned due to the inept coronavirus response from the institution.

In the Eurocrats’ own fiction, globalism saves the planet. In reality, it ends in mass death and global tyranny.’

We are living in a surreal world, brainwashed, propagandized and programmed by skilled practitioner’s with deep, financial and government filled pockets, farming We the People for energy and wealth. And it is not a pretty picture. Time to abstract oneself from the cartoon and awake. For the truth will set you free.


Hidden in Plain Sight

fb We Are Revolting

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