Dynamite Gallery exploded

No city can beat Brighton for its lanes brimming with independent boutique shops, eating houses and art galleries. I recently had another great weekend with one of my daughters. Sun and heat strangely turning the buzz of commerce to a slower, timeless consideration bathing in the stillness of the day. It was in this near … More Dynamite Gallery exploded


I have been so very busy over the last six months researching for my next book. Truth be told, I have two books on the go simultaneously – Book two in my Dragons dwelt here series, historical novels for ten and up readership. (The first in the series, Thunderbird set in pre-European American Continent, is, … More Adrift

The Medici

Benozzo Gozzoli’s Procession of the Magi 1459-60, is part of a cycle of frescoes in the Magi Chapel in the palace Medici Riccardo of Florence, Italy for the powerful rulers of Florence, the Medici family. A family that has influences in Italy even to this day.         Gozzoli  (right) painted a cycle … More The Medici

Tate- à-Tate

Last weekend…Perfect! I caught the train from Southampton Central, to Waterloo, London on Friday and walked over the Thames and along the embankment to my daughter’s work place. Once there, I sat quietly in the rather grand foyer. She answered my “I’m here!” txt and after a short while, watching the hustle and bustle of … More Tate- à-Tate