The Gun’s Message in Oil

The West is controlled through fear. Over the decades and centuries fear has been kept alive via a variety methods – hot wars, cold wars, terrorism, disease and global pandemics. There has not been one war, cold or hot, not one terror attack or pandemic of significance that has not had its source in the … More The Gun’s Message in Oil

I Wonder? Woman!

A Wellington-based artist, Yan Heere, gained three thousand ‘likes’ on social media in April 2020, for an image she posted – a cartoon fan art meets Marxist style illustration of the New Zealand Socialist-globalist Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. The fame of this art was launched to new heights by the propaganda brainwashing machine, the elite … More I Wonder? Woman!

COVID-19, a WHO Coup to Manipulate You

Voices are proclaiming, “the cure”, world lock-down, is worse than the disease, “COVID-19”. The “cure” is in the hands of the world’s corrupt leaders, puppets of the NGO’s, the elite secret Club of Rome and the United Nations. Together they have shut down societies and economies of the world, to “save” the world, from their … More COVID-19, a WHO Coup to Manipulate You

Razed to the Ground

A week ago, tragedy struck! In some ways, this reads a little melodramatic, as no one died, no one was injured, no one went to jail. Still, in a personal way, it was a moment of disbelief and sadness. Our cutest-ever, character hydro-cottage (Kahu Cottage) in Mangakino, New Zealand burnt to the ground. We were … More Razed to the Ground

“Jack, paint me like one of your French girls.”

Sweet Blog serves dozens Ingredients: 1 cat left for a year or two to enlarge 1 epic movie full of ‘beautiful people’ 1 ‘diamond of the Sea’ dazzling and bright 1 antique chaise longue 1 ill-fated ship 1 English city Recipe: Place cat on chaise longue in a sunny New Zealand conservatory and leave to … More “Jack, paint me like one of your French girls.”

Overload NZ

It’s a great day for artists, writers, dancers, or anyone else who has a passion and a desire to live true to their creative hearts. Yet, money! that little thing, that often fetters us. Yes, money is a little thing, when measured against the abstract concepts that can and often does paralyse our desires. Concepts … More Overload NZ

Gentle Rousseau

As a home educating mother of my six, I chose a classical education for my children. I admit it was not strictly classical, as I did not teach them solely from ‘source’ literature. But, the children did learn second languages including Latin, learn musical instruments, and dance. (Our eldest at 12 danced with the Russian … More Gentle Rousseau

Merry Christmas!

I am typing fast and writing very little today. Just got to share with you a Christmas present I received from my eldest son. Da da… 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die I have an older edition on my ottoman in our snug in New Zealand… If you know me at all, you … More Merry Christmas!