Nicholas Hilliard, a 16th Century son of Devon, England, made it big in art with his tiny miniature limner portraits of Elizabethan London.     Hilliard painted many of Queen Elizabeth I. The pair above were painted in 1575. The Pelican (left) and the Phoenix (right), 787 x 610mm. Both well-known symbols with deep roots into … More Hilliard

The Medici

Benozzo Gozzoli’s Procession of the Magi 1459-60, is part of a cycle of frescoes in the Magi Chapel in the palace Medici Riccardo of Florence, Italy for the powerful rulers of Florence, the Medici family. A family that has influences in Italy even to this day.         Gozzoli  (right) painted a cycle … More The Medici

Art Fills My Heart and My Heart overflows Art

So, this is my blog! Ahhh! Every self-respecting writer of the 21st century needs to consider how best to venture into this brave, but not so new, online world, where one just ‘SHOUTS IT OUT LOUD’…Then sits back, waiting for a readership to validate all that rushes raw from undefended passion. The truth is, I … More Art Fills My Heart and My Heart overflows Art