It’s a Girl!

Any Christmas baby will tell you, if they could choose any month to be born, December would not make it to the top eleven. If pushed to pick December, they would nominate a day in the first 2 weeks of that month.5a7ee2bade836ebd513a17e8bb49b6b6

But as we all know, entering this world – the good old fashion way, cannot be determined a head of time.

Now, being born on the 25th December, on first observation, might be seen as unfortunate…


but I am here to tell you, from years of experience, that being born on the 24th is far worse!!!

At least on Christmas day, partying is a given, the food is great, more often than not, you are surrounded by family and friends who are imbued with merriment… and those presents around the tree waiting to be opened, brings anticipation plump for picking, as no other day can.original_christmas-gift-box-no-peeking-until-25th-december

A baby arrives onto this mortal coil on the 24th to everyone else’s profound relief – Christmas is back on the agenda! And the baby lies blissfully unaware of the impact this day brings to bear upon their childhood.

Sadly, the 24th baby’s birthday often plays out like this – food is busily being prepared and the cakes that are ready cannot be eaten until the next day. Everyone is out doing last minute buying, for the next day and no one has the time to sit around and relax, until… the next day. Anticipation? A mere bud…until the next day.

So, what can the 24th baby expect during childhood? – what are the certainties and is there birth-day-hope, EVER for them?!

Certainties are – all too often, expectations being dashed. Few will remember that it is their birthday. No one will pop round with their present as they will meet up on the morrow. They will get no party, as it’s just too close to Christmas. They will get no, or little special birthday food, for everyone’s saving themselves for the morrow. The 24th child cannot get into their new clothes for they are for…the morrow. They won’t be allowed to stay up as they will need to be rested for …the morrow. And worst, worst, worst of all they will be given a list of jobs, so the house is ready for…the morrow!

It takes a bit of getting one’s head around it all, but surviving dashed hopes is doable.

The high point is that with each person who comes into your home – on the morrow, will ooh and aah and make a fuss because you got the crock birthday…OK a lowered high point!

Anyway, this 24th baby is all grown up with no lasting scars from birthday-neglect.

I would, however, like to share some non-negotiables for Christmas-baby care…

Like any Christmas-baby will tell you there are three don’ts when it comes to those very exciting presents –

  • Don’t ever wrap the birthday present in Christmas paper!
  • Don’t be lazy and leave it until Christmas day to give the present and…
  • Don’t ever, I mean EVER give one present as a combined birthday and Christmas gift! Remember they go twelve months with no wrapping paper, of any type, in sight.

On that note when I was a teen, I got a combined present from my brothers covering birthday and Christmas. So instead on four presents to open, I had one. I waited twelve months for four open-the-present-moments and I got one!

Do you know what that can do to the emotional wellbeing of a 24th baby!?

What was even worse – the present was a sleeping bag!!! Yes, you read it, a sleeping bag! And all these years later, I still burst into hysterical crazed laughter at the remembrance. As a child waiting twelve months was never a problem for me, what went down, or rather what didn’t go down on the day was a marginalising experience.

And as for hope? Oh there is. It may take a while, but it is well worth every ignored year:-

Now, I get into my best clothes, my daughter’s make a fuss, my sons are attentive, my husband takes us all out. The day is one big party and the pressies are thoughtful and personal and I just love my birthday. All done on the 24th with no consideration for the morrow!

I do not want to single out one present I got 24.12.17, above the rest because they all came with love; however, for this blog let me share the heaviest of them all –

Two hard covered, slipcased, full colour books weighing over 1.5kg apiece.

The Louvre All The Paintings, Erich Lessing and Vincent Pomarede (Between the covers are all 3,022 paintings on display in the permanent painting collection of the Louvre)

Florence The Paintings and Frescoes 1250-1743 Ross King and Anja Grebe (Every painted work that is on display in the Uffizi Gallery, The Pitti Palace, the Accademia, and the Duomo is in the book, plus many or most of the works from 28 of the city’s other museums and churches.)

One VERY happy birthday girl!

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